Monday, March 30, 2009

Painter practice

here are some older head/color studies from when i was learning corel painter~ i really love working with this kind of simple brushwork! most of these are from capcom's ace attorney, the top one is from disney's mulan.

this last one was made in oekaki shipainter, not painter... but i like the colors enough to post it :)


A.Z said...

hey wendi i like your style in painting , the colors of skin were great , by the way
tnx for your comment and advice :) im glad u like my work , im adding u in my links and dashboard so im always watching for ur new works ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendi, I like the look of your arts very much. Could you give me a few tips?

What are the brushes you use in Corel Painter? I tried the pastel tools, but I don't know which ones you are using. My drawings don't look anything like that no matter what I try!