Friday, July 16, 2010

pocket brush pen

these sketches were done with my trusty pentel pocket brush pen that i carry with me at all times.  this pen really does the trick if you want to loosen up your lines!
click the right image to view an animated gif of the coloring process

character studies from months ago that i never posted here


John Patrick Deza said...

nice sketches! what pen did you use for the cyan construction

Justen DeKelis said...

Love it, especially the WIP gif. Gotta say that 'Panache' suits you better than 'Lonely'. ;)

Wendi said...

John - thank you! the cyan lines were actually just drawn with a BiC blue highlighter from office max, haha ;D hey, whatever works!

Justen - Many thanks, i'll post that one later ;)

Erin Hunting said...

I really like the mood of the first figure.
You have a really solid gallery, Great work Wendi.