Monday, September 27, 2010

light me up

ink sketch on Canson marker paper + photoshop color overlay (original sketch below)

conceptual sketch for a full-page ad for Canson USA, maker of high-quality fine art papers.  i ended up going in a different direction for the final illustration (which i'll post later), but i wanted to share this anyway~
incidentally, it does fit quite well with the Illustration Friday weekly topic of "old-fashioned."  how convenient! :)


Sandy said...

Quite Groovey, love it!

rmsmi said...

Great lines and coloring!


beautiful lines love the movement in it ♥

Wendi Chen said...

@Sandy @rmsmi @ IVYALLOVER

thanks so much for the nice comments, it's much appreciated! :)

Anna Bron said...

cool idea! I love your use of colors, great stuff