Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Drawings (pt.1)

so my Uni hosts a free "open studio" life drawing session every weekend at the art school, and I've made it a point to attend every single time for past few weeks.  and as a result my contour line drawing skills have improved A LOT!  all of these are made with a Cretacolor charcoal set in a 18"x24" sketchbook~ working at that size really helps you control your arm and wrist movements!

All of these are 20 min poses:
The proportions were HARD so this is all I could do in 20 minutes. normally my drawings look a little more complete.

This is the first time I've ever drawn a pregnant woman - and I swear, she was positively glowing. So I tried to capture her likeness in the last 10 minutes instead of working on the rest of the figure.

I really liked this guy's dreads, they were fun to draw. :p I worked on this for a few minutes after time was up b/c it wasn't dark enough.

Anyway, it always feels great to make big strides in just a few weeks, so I'll keep attending these sessions. =) Hopefully I'll have some real art to post soon, though...


Justen DeKelis said...

Great work! It's nice to see some figure drawing along with your concept art/illustrations. I can't even imagine making work like this in the time these took. I'd love to see more.

Wendi Chen said...

thanks so much! <33 I'll my figure sketches from each weekend from now on!