Thursday, March 12, 2009


wahhh, so many months without an update... is this really my first post of 2009?! crazy. @_@ anyway, here are some environments... i like drawing mountains/trees and organic things cuz it's so easy to just make it up as you go along :p
 this one's an oldie, the first landscape i posted here... i fixed up the drawing & deepened the colors, now it looks way better. always nice to revisit old pieces :)

a speedpaint you may remember from a few months ago, finally decided to finish it!

and these next two pieces are WIPs that I'm working on right now:
that's all for now, more to come later~


Justen DeKelis said...

Wonderful work. I can't wait to see a finished version of the last piece (not too many pagodas are built into the walls of a valley XD)

Parka said...

Nice landscapes. I thought they are a bit dark. The details are lost in the shadows.

Wendi said...

@justin - thanks a ton!

@parka - yeah, i think the bottom two are definitely too dark right now (I always paint from dark to light, and they are WIPs), but now that i'm on a diff monitor the top one may be too dark too... will note for the future. thanks a bunch for your comment! :D