Sunday, March 07, 2010

one more because i'm forgetful

ack, forgot about this one! finished this when i got back home to the States... added some vague shading this time, although it's still meant to be a contour line study.
i started doing these observational contour studies thanks to a tip from an artist i admire, and it really does help train your eyes!! plus i think my lines feel a bit more fluid now...


Domee said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by! :D

Cool drawings! I like how you handled the tonal blocking in the clothes~

Wendi said...

Domee: wahh, thank YOU for the kind comment! *_* i feel like i've learned so much just from browsing art blogs by all you cool kids at Sheridan, but yours is definitely my favorite one. your lines are fluid and your designs are charming... thank you for the inspiration! ;D