Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dreamworks Fine Art Gallery: Tigress

so i was fortunate enough take part in a Dreamworks-sponsored gallery program a while back~  made this print of "Tigress among plum blossoms" (inspired by traditional chinese watercolor) for the gallery opening, hope you like it!  more prints are on the way for the second launch, so stay tuned! :)

sketch studies in pencil & ink:


jeepakistan said...

Nice photos. Good job.

clare said...

I love the tigress in among the plum blossoms : )

Zarah said...

Love it, especially the textures/feel of it! Is it digital or analog? Just curious :)

Wendi Chen said...

@jeepakistan - thank you!

@clare - much appreciated, thanks!

@Zarah - thanks for the kind words! the sketches are traditional, but the final print is all digital (done with Corel Painter's sumi-e tools). however, i do have experience with real inks and watercolors, which is why i was able to emulate that look! ;D

Gabby Zapata said...

your work is beautifullll!! thanks so much for the follow!